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'We're the NoKy brothers'  )
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'I love you too, Junsu'  )
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'My motive is... Changmin'  )
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'I haven't hear of Changmin's compliment yet' )
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'I'll hit you as much as I love you' )

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'Then I'll go for Jaejoong' )

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Title: Je l'aime à mourir (I Love Her to Death)
Focus: Cassiopeia
Rating: G
Warnings: kind of.. angsty (?)
Genre: angst (?)
Summary: You notice there are more like you, some in front, some behind, but just like you, right in the middle.

I Love Her (Them) to Death )
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Título / Tittle: A Little Piece of Heaven / Un pedacito de cielo
Escrito por / Written by: [livejournal.com profile] padmik
Pareja / Pairing: Junsu/Todos
Género / Genre: Terror
Clasificación / Rating: PG-13
Resumen / Summary: No todo es realmente lo que aparenta ser en la superficie.
Original: one-shot
Traducido por / Translated by: [livejournal.com profile] pichiruchi

Notas de la Traductora: Para Genesishu y Miri que lo pidieron 8D

No todo es realmente lo que aparenta ser en la superficie. )
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