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Taking The Fall
Yunjae /pg / 228w / angst

Yunho has to kill Jaejoong.

A/N:Inspired by a gif I saw somewhere yesterday, and didn't saved that did not got out of my head so this was born, hence the lack of subtlety in the summary that, btw, sucks~~~ :D first ever YJ so don't be too hard on me t.t. If you spot any grammar mistakes/typos let me know (there probably are so tell me :D)

Jaejoong is sitting with one leg up his chair, looking out of the window, ready for what its to come. When he turns, the gun almost doesn't let him see-- but he already knows.

Yunho was pointing at him.

He doesn't look at him in the eye but Jaejoong does.

“Just kill me” Jaejoong says, almost pleas.

Jaejoong watches Yunho's tears going down his face, almost amazed. He never cried, ever.

“I love you.” He half gasps. half sobs, half pleas kneeling in front of him, aiming at his heart.

He just can't. Not him. He knows. He should. But. He doesn't. Want to. He's selfish. His. Doesn't. Not Him. Just not him. Anyone. But him. Please. Not him. No. Deserve. You. Jaejoong. No. May be. If. Him. Not. It is. His duty. Fuck duty. He could. But. He should. Not him. Live. He can't. Not without him.

He looks at his eyes.

“...Yunho.” He drops his leg, wraps his face against his palm, caresses it, wipes his tears with his thumb. Yunho leans into the warm of his touch, closes his eyes and almost believes that this is not real, that he's just--

“Just look into my eyes.” Yunho obeys pressing their foreheads together.

“Just look at me.” Tasting the air from his lips.

When his eyes were bursting with love. When his face blossomed into the most beautiful smile.

Only then, he pulled the trigger.

(me too)

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